Apple BlossomBird 1Bird 2

Dualing CrowsAzalea FrenzyEgg

Fall Branch

Acrylic Painting

Painting began a few years ago with the acrylic medium Ann was familiar with from college. Painting what was in the nearby garden and parks, Ann chose the natural world as her inspiration. As the experimenting continued, her style evolved with bright colors and imaginative borders and backgrounds.

Apple Blossoms 24 x 18, Birds 6x6 (2), Dueling Crows 18 x 24, Azalea Frenzy 32 x 42, Egg1 and Fall Branch

Fabric MosaicFabric Mosaic 2

Fabric Mosaic

A short mosaic class sparked an interest in this ancient art form. Ann began by experimenting with acrylic paint on canvas, using short rectangular strokes to simulate real mosaics. A need to accentuate a hard-to-find front door created the first of many black canvas banner hangings.

Westminster Close Up

Westminster 1Westminster 3

Westminster 4Westminster 5

Westminster Commission

Some time ago Ann responded to a request for proposals for artwork in the center atrium of the Westminster Recreation Center, north of Denver. As a counterpart to their recent pool remodeling, the atrium access to the lower level was in need of some three dimensional artwork.

Ann won the commission with a proposal of four black fabric banners, each 4' x 12' and depicting a different Colorado season. Painted with acrylic in the mosaic style of her smaller banners, it was a real learning experience in many ways, including finding UV resistant fabric with a fire rating.

Ceramic Glass 1Ceramic 4

Ceramic Glass 2Ceramic 3


After painting mosaics, Ann began collecting real tile and glass scraps, smashing dinner plates, and keeping her eyes open for interesting materials to mosaic. Often she found creative solutions at the local thrift stores. Metal mirror frames from Goodwill became just perfect for glass and bead mosaics!

Bowl 2Bowl 4

Bowl 3


As an excuse to once again peruse the thrift store, Ann began refinishing found wooden bowls, lacquering the interiors and decoratively painting with acrylics.

Chair 1Chair 2



Adding chairs to her weekly searches through the local thrift stores, Ann recently found four children's chairs. After re-gluing, screwing, and sanding the chairs as needed, the ornamental painting was added. Some furniture also has details highlighted with gold pen work.

Safe Harbor

Oil Painting

Ann had been experimenting with oil painting recently. Enjoying the longer drying times of this medium, she is still painting natural world subjects as her oil style evolves.


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